++++ the 1996 Snelweg>Highways in the Netherlands installation by Theo Baart & myself is part of the Fondation Cartier Paris exhibition AUTOPHOTO on show between April 19th & October 1st 2017 It is the 9th installment of Snelweg, before it traveled - among other places - to Moscow, München & New York ++++

++ In december 1976 I photographed a 4-day protest-march for land-rights by the indigenous Amerindians of Suriname, a former colony of the Netherlands. Srefidensi.org, an initiative by the photographer-cultural anthropologist Sara Blokland, is now showing a selection online here++

+++ The Srefidensi tour, 4 mini symposia in 4 different locations, will commence in June, information & reservation through Fotodok (in Dutch only). The last symposium is centered around the march for land-rights in Surinam and will be on June 29th in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam +++